DIY Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle by P.S. I Made This…

Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle DIY

Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle DIY by P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This has been on my radar for awhile now for the spectacular fashion DIYs they post. When I saw this Love Note Bangle DIY I just had to ask if I could share it here with you!

What You’ll Need:
-Wood Bangles
-Spray Paint
-Paint Pen

Time to get crafty!

Step One: Spray paint your wooden bangles with your color of choice. You’ll probably want to apply at least two coats.

Step Tw0: When the paint is completely dry, use your Paint Pen to decorate however you like! It’s that simple!

Thank you to P.S. I Made This… for this fashionably fabulous Tutorial! To view the Original Tutorial as well as many other fashion friendly DIYs visit P.S. I Made This…

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