Baked Zucchini Fries by Pretty Plate

Zucchini is my friend. I make meals centered around it and add it to just about any dish I can. I don’t know why I like zucchini so much, maybe it’s because I associate it with good times (Zucchini and Eggs is a  Holiday Breakfast tradition in my family) or maybe it’s simply because it’s so darn yummy. Either way, I am a fan of all things zucchini and was thrilled to see this healthier take on one of my personal favorites, Zucchini Fries, on Pretty Plate.

Some people “window shop” online looking at clothes and shoes, whereas I like to window shop for delicious looking recipes. Let me just say, Pretty Plate was a lovely place to “shop!”  I immediately found about twenty other recipes I wanted to try immediately (as you can probably tell, I am not so good with patience and/or moderation). A lot of the recipes are veggie inspired, which is right up my alley, but there are some good ones to be found for you carnivores as well! I definitely recommend trying the this recipe for Zucchini Fries and checking out the multitude of other scrumptious looking recipes Pretty Plate has to offer.


Ashley Gebhardt
Managing Editor of The Daily Quirk, lover of books, and best friend to a miniature dachshund. Occasionally tweeting out random thoughts via @AshleyTDQ.
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