When you’re looking for a hotel to stay in Alabama when you are 18 years old the options aren’t as wide. However, there are some options that span a variety of cost ranges.

We’ll tour of some of the most popular hotels. We’ve included a section that looks at alternative hotels for those aged 18 and over. We’ll also finish off with some questions.

Note: The hotel may alter their policies before we get an opportunity to make changes to our website. Check the age minimum to check-in before making a reservation.

Alabama Hotels with 18+ Check-In
Alabama Hotels with 18+ Check-In

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Hotel Room in Alabama?

Legally, you are able to get an accommodation at an age of 18, in Alabama. Hotels can however set their own policies and the majority have a minimum age for check-in of 21. In this section, you’ll see an inventory of Alabama hotels that permit those aged 18 to check-in.

Hotels in Alabama with 18+ Check-In

Below is the hotels with an 18+ check-in age for cities that are located in Alabama. We’ve also included hyperlinks to our comprehensive guides for each city in which you can get more details about each hotel.

It is important to note: There is a chance that you’ll be requested to present I.D. and a credit card at the time of you check in.

Alternatives to Hotels for 18 Year Olds

If you’re not interested in stay in any or these establishments, you have alternatives.


It is common to stay at an Airbnb with an 18-year-old. Hosts are able to alter their age requirements so be sure to confirm prior to booking, but it is not common and the majority accept 18-year-olds.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are an excellent option for teenagers since their primary target market are young adults. They’re also quite affordable however, you’ll need to sacrifice some privacy and comfort.


Does it count as legal for an 18-year old to be able to check into the hotel?

It is legal for a person who is 18 years old to enter the hotel as it is allowed by the hotel. it.

Why do certain hotels require a minimum age at 21?

Hotels believe that people who are younger than 21 aren’t mature enough to make responsible choices in an establishment alone. Other reasons are lower rates for insurance and legal risks associated with underage drinking.

Do I need a credit card in order to check in as an 18-year old?

It is possible that you’ll be asked for an account with a credit card at the time you check in.

Do I require I.D. to verify my identity as an 18-year-old?

Yes, there’s the possibility that you’ll have to present I.D. at the time of making your entry.

If you’re not sure or have questions regarding any specific hotel, the most effective option is to give them a phone call to ensure you’re receiving the most current and precise information.